Dr. Reptile’s Greatest Hits

Since 1983, Dr. Reptile has been collecting the best songs that came out in the year and compiling them in playlist form — first what would fit on a 90 minute tape cassette and then in 1997, what would fit on an 80 minute blank CD. This comes out at the end of each calendar year and is associate with the Christmas holidays and things like Christmas newsletters, cards, or gifts, but is really about the music of the year. The emphasis is on mainstream rock with vocals but occasionally strays into instrumentals or more exotic genres. Usually there is at least one censored type word for some reason.  It is also dedicated to songs rather than albums and avoids noncommercial or live/bootleg versions. The songs are then selected by Dr. Reptile and sequenced to make some kind of flow or sense while sticking with what fits on one CD (or subsequent volumes). Liner notes are done separately these days but a hard copy of the Greatest Hits is then made with an appropriate cover.

Dr. Reptile would like to think that it’s truly the best songs of the year. The reality is that it’s his opinion of the best songs that he heard. And he hears a lot, but not everything. Opinions vary and sometimes songs are missed or the single came out at one time and the album another time.

Feel free to make suggestions or dis choices. Dr. Reptile will usually trade a copy of his song collections for something he doesn’t have as long as it’s only for personal use.



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