Lyrics for the Day – A Hard Day On The Planet

I always listen to Louden Wainwright III. Seems appropriate for today.


The dollar went down and the President said
Who’s in charge, now?
I don’t know, take your pick
A new disease every day and the old ones are coming back
Things are looking kind of gray
Like they’re going to black
Don’t turn on the TV
Don’t show me the paper
Don’t want to know he got kidnapped or why they all raped her
I want to go on vacation
Till the pressure lets up
But they keep hijacking airplanes and blowing them up
It’s been a hard day on the planet
How much is it all worth?
Its getting harder to understand it
Things are tough all over on earth
It’s hot in December an
Cold in July
When it rains it pours out of a poisonous sky
In California the body counts keep getting higher
Its evil out there, man that state is always on fire
Everyone has a system
But they can’t seem to win
Even Bob Geldorf looks alarmingly thin
I got to get on that shuttle get me out of this place
But there’s gonna be warfare up there in outer space
I’ve got clothes on my back and shoes on my feet
A roof over my head and something to eat
My kids are all healthy and my folks are alive
You know, it’s amazing but sometimes I think I’ll survive
I’ve got all of my fingers
All of my toes
I’m pretty well off
I guess, I suppose
So how come I feel bad so much of the time?
A man ain’t an island
John Dunn wasn’t lying
It’s business as usual
Some things never change
It’s unfair and unkind and unjust
It’s strange
We don’t seem to learn
We can’t seem to stop
I suppose some explosions might close up the shop
You know, maybe that would be fine
We would be off the hook
We resolved all our problems
Never mind what it took
And it all would be over
Finito, The End
Until the survivors started up all over again
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